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MARNETThe aim of the project is to analyse and valorise the marine resources available through the establishment of a marine socio-economic network that will create and collate comparable marine socio-economic data and utilise this data to support marine socio-economic development initiatives along the Atlantic Area.

The importance of marine socio-economic data
The project is strategically important in that it will, for the first time map the value of the marine economy throughout the Atlantic Area.
Availability and easy access to a wide range of natural and human-activity data on the oceans and coastal regions of Europe is the basis for strategic decision-making on coastal and maritime policy. Much data has been collected on the environmental and biological resources both on and off the Atlantic coast of Europe. The availability of consistent, accessible marine socio-economic data for the European Atlantic Arc regions is however more limited. The development of such a regional marine socio-economic information system through a dedicated network of marine economists, as is being proposed in this project could be used to inform regulating, management and decision making in relation to development activities along the Atlantic coastal stretches of Europe. Scientists, regulators and commercial bodies need such data if they are to contribute towards a sustainable development of the maritime and coastal economy that is in harmony with coastal and marine ecosystems and also in line with the EU Commission’s “Europe 2020” Strategy. The marine socio-economic information system that is proposed in this project should also provide a template for other European States to follow that could potentially facilitate the construction of a Europe- wide marine information system as envisaged under the EU Integrated Maritime Policy.

Through the project, the network aims to:

  • Reduce operational costs and delays for those who use marine economic data in the Atlantic region by establishing a network that has the capacity to analyse such data in a timely and cost effective manner;
  • Increase competition and innovation amongst users and re-users of marine economic data by providing wider access to quality-checked, rapidly-available coherent marine socio-economic data through the cooperative actions of the European Atlantic Periphery Marine Socio-Economic Network;
  • Reduce uncertainty in knowledge of the economic value associated with the use of Atlantic waters through the provision of a data set relating to marine socio-economic activity in Atlantic coastal regions and so provide a sounder basis for managing future changes.
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