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Transnational Cooperation Operational Programme "Atlantic Area 2007-2013" approved by the European Commission
First Call for Projects
New Documents for Application Proposals
Projects Applicants' Workshop - Portugal
Projects Applicants' Workshop - Portugal
UK Applicants' Workshop
INTERREG IVB North West Europe new website
Project Ideas Repertory
Application Form for users without Microsoft
The first call for projects 2008 is now closed
Seminar "European cooperation and rural territories" - 23 and 24 September 2008, Montpellier
Challenges for Changing Populations-22 and 23 September 2008, Luxembourg
INTERREG IVB NWE Joint Technical Secretariat
Monitoring Committee Meeting, 4-5 November in Belfast
Territorial cohesion and the future of cohesion policy
Public Consultation on Territorial Cohesion
XV Atlantic Watergames
List of projects approved
Newsletter 1 (12-2008)
Seminar: Training Seminar on Eligibility and Control Requirements in Territorial Cooperation Programmes
INTERACT POINT Viborg, Luxembourg, 29-01-2009
Seminar "Financial management of European Territorial Cooperation programmes and projects"
INTERACT Point, Barcelona, 26-01-2009
PROJECT INFO: duratiNET “Durable Transport Infrastructures in Atlantic Area - Network”
Kick-off meeting and First International Workshop - Feb 19-20, 2009
Vacancy - INTERACT Secretariat - Bratislava
Interact Conference "Demonstrating the Benefits of European Territorial Cooperation"
Bratislava on 23 and 24 March 2009
Presentations - Launching Seminar, Madrid
Newsletter 2 - May 2009
Training session for promoters
2nd June - Porto
RegioStars 2010 – The Awards for Regional Innovative Projects
European Commission adopts the Sixth progress report on economic and social cohesion
Training Seminar on Project Applications and Assessment
4th European Greenways Award
Mr Pawel Samecki for Regional Policy
Designation of Mr Pawel Samecki as new Commissioner following the resignation of Mrs Danuta Hübner
Atlantic Watersport Games
Vacancy for a Project Officer - INTERREG IVC JTS
Lille, France
Swedish Presidency of the European Union
International Conference on Coastal Conservation and Management in the Atlantic and Mediterranean
ESPON Programme - New calls on 16 September
XV Atlantic Watersport Games
INTERACT Event on Cooperation Programmes and Regional Policy
European Parliament - Big political issues of the autumn
Change of Managing Authority Presidency
Members of European Parliament approve Barroso as Commission President
Workshop and concluding conference on key principles for maritime spatial planning
Stockholm, Sweden, 2 October 2009
European Maritime Day 2010 - first announcement
Guide for 1st level control - France
National Correspondants Meeting, 23/24-09-2009, Porto
Public consultation - White Paper on Multilevel governance
INTERACT - Newsletter
Workshop: “In search for a framework for co-operation in the Atlantic Area”
Open Days 2009, Brussels, 07-10-2009
"Teritorial Cooperation in the new Atlantic Area: future challenges"
A Coruña, 16-10-2009
European Marine Observation Data and Network
Seminar - Projects preparation and financing
Spain, Santiago de Compostela, 21-22 October 2009
Eurostat Regional Yearbook 2009
National Correspondents meeting 27/28-10-2009, Porto
OPEN DAYS - Presentations and videos available on-line
Foro de Conservación de Espacios Naturales Protegidos
Presentation of projects Natura Miño-Minho and Natura Xurés-Gerês
New Integrated maritime policy initiatives
Selection of projects submitted to the 2nd Call
23rd and 24th of November, Santiago de Compostela
Conference "Making European Cooperation a Reality"
19th of November 2009, Belfast
Newsletter 3
Seminar - EU Funds
Santiago de Compostela, 25-11-2009
Johannes Hahn, Commissioner-designate for Regional Policy
Seminar on Decommitment, N+2 / N+3 rule in ETC Programmes
28 January 2010, Porto
UK Contact Point - Workshop
Bristol, January 19th 2010
Financial Management Seminar - Ireland
Dublin, January 18th 2010
Cohesion policy priorities for the Spanish Presidency
Launching seminar of the project ANATOLE
France, Caen, February 2/3, 2009
Guide for Contractualisation Process Call 2009-1
REINFFORCE project organises a Seminar on forest and climate change
18 March 2010, Navarra-Spain
Kick off seminar of project ATLANTERRA2
17/ 18 February 2010, Nantes-France
Parliament approved new European Commission
Strasbourg, 09-02-2010
Project NEA2 - Coordination Meeting
Figueira da Foz (Portugal), 21/22/23-02-2010
FAME - Project Launching event
22/23-02-2010, Cascais, Portugal
Kick off seminar of the project SHAREBIOTEC
4/ 5 March 2010, Rennes-France
The urban dimension in European Union policies 2010
NEA 2 joins Surfrider Cleanups 2010
Extensive clean-up of beaches and river banks on the 19, 20 and 21 March in the Atlantic Area
Transnational conference about clusters and innovation networks in Europe - ATCLUSTERS
11/12 March 2010, Santiago de Compostela-Spain
Kick-off meeting - MAIA project
23/25-03-2010, Brest, France
Conference on Marine Renewable Energies: Towards a European Atlantic Strategy
15/16-04-2010, Santander, Spain
Training session for spanish partners
13-04-2010, Madrid, Spain
Presentations - Training seminar for french partners
18-03-2010, Nantes
European Maritime Day - 20 May
Stakeholder Conference, 18/21-05-2010, Gijón, Spain
AT VENTURE - Corporate Finance and Venture Capital
19-04/25-06-2010 - Training course on Corporate Finance and Venture Capital
NEA 2 cleans the beaches along the Atlantic shoreline
NEA 2 cleans 15 tonnes of trash and debris on the beaches along the Atlantic shoreline
ARCOPOL Workshop - HNS, Inert and Oil Spills
30-04-2010, Lisbon (Portugal) - Workshop: "New tools for better planning, response management and damage assessment in HNS, Inert and Oil Spills: ARCOPOL project"
Presentations - training session for spanish partners
13-04-2010, Madrid (Spain)
Session Duratinet Medachs'10
28-29 April, La Rochelle (France)
Updated version of the Guide to manage the Projects section
Training Worshop - projects 2009 Lead Partners
27/28-05-2010, Porto (Portugal)
AT-Clusters Newsletter
Anatole Newsletter
Newsletter 4 Atlantic Area Programme
Anatole Experts Seminar and Partners Meeting
18-21 May, Ireland
EcosalAtlantis - Journey on Biodiversity and Eco-Tourism
Nantes University (France), 27-05-2010
DORNA - Newsletter
Execution Report - Guide updated
KNETWORKS - International Seminar
29-06-2010, Lisbon (Portugal)
ANATOLE - Partners meeting
1/2-07-2010, Aveiro, Portugal
Presentations - training workshop 2009 Lead partners
12th International Conference Cities and Ports
15-19 November 2010, Buenos Aires - Rosario
2010 Watersports Atlantic Games in Cantabria
31/07 - 5/08/2010, Santander (Spain)
SEL, European coastline fair
5-7/10/2010 - Lorient (France)
AUXNAVALIA - Newsletter 6
August 2010
2 Seas Programme Cooperation Fair
23-09-2010, Bournemouth (United Kingdom)
NEA2 Conference - Innovation in the AA Marine Leisure Sector
12-13/10/2010, Falmouth, Cornwall (United Kingdom)
Conference on Innovation in Fisheries Areas
19-10-2010, Vigo (Spain)
PANORAMA - Regional policy, an integrated approach
EU Public consultation - Integrated Maritime Policy for the Atlantic Ocean
Proposal for a Commission communication on Integrated Maritime Policy for the Atlantic Ocean sea basin
Open Days 2010 - 8th European Week of Regions and Cities
4-7 October 2010, Brussels
Launching of new website dedicated to cooperation programmes in France
Newsletter 5 Atlantic Area Programme
What Future for Cohesion Policy?
16/18-03-2011, Slovenia
MAIA Workshop: MPAs Monitoring strategies
8/9-11-2010, Sesimbra (Portugal)
Monitoring Committee meeting, 27-28 October in Nantes
Conference: “Another future for fisheries”
16-11-2010, Brussels (Belgium)
5th Report on Economic, Social and Territorial Cohesion
Next meeting point for AT Venture Partners: Cork
DORNA - Newsletter
Consultation - Economic and Social Cohesion
Consultation on the Conclusions of the Fifth Report on Economic and Social Cohesion (European Commission)
European Maritime Day - 2011
19/20-05-2011, Gdańsk (Poland)
JTS - New director
KIMERAA - Newsletter
3rd Call for projects - Events
01/02-03-2011 Porto (Portugal)
Advances in Thermoelectricity - ENERMAT
24/25-03-2011, Caen (France)
Information seminar on the third call gathers 80 participants
Facilities to speed up R&D and Innovation - SHAREBIOTECH
12-04-2011, Cantanhede (Portugal)
Seminar on Maritime Clusters - KIMERAA
17-03-2011, Cardiff (United-Kingdom)
Workshop: valorisation of by products and discards of fish processing
06-04-2011, Porto (Portugal)
Debate on cohesion policy
SAFER SEAS III 2011 “For safer and cleaner seas”
Closure of the 3rd Call for proposals
2nd Transnational Event of KIMERAA Project
“Competencies and Services in Marine Sciences and Clusters in Atlantic Area” Faro, Algarve - PORTUGAL | 4th July 2011
Newsletter 6 Atlantic Area Programme
Atlantkis - Innovating for successful business
30/31-05-2011, Cork (Ireland)
Atlantic Venture Forum
1-2/06/2011, Oviedo (Spain)
Joint Conference of ETC Transnational Cooperation Programmes
Steering Group Meeting, 26-27/05/2011 in Porto (Portugal)
Challenges of the electrical energy industry
Competencies and Services in Marine Sciences and Clusters
04-07-2011, Faro (Portugal)
General Assembly of the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities
30-06 / 01-07-2011, Niort (France)
The ENERMAT European Newsletter is now available!
Port Cities Task Force
7th of November, Saint-Nazaire (France)
A new architecture for cohesion policy 2014-2020
KIMERAA 3rd Transnational Conference: Developing Ireland's Atlantic Resource – Marine and Coastal
25th October 2011 | Westport, Ireland
ARCOPOL final conference
ENERMAAT training on Nanomaterials and Hybrid Materials
24/25.11.2011, Aveiro (Portugal)
Newsletter 7 Atlantic Area
Priorities of the Danish Presidency
Conferences to promote Marine Leisure in Portugal
08/12.02.2012, Parque das Nações (Lisbon)
MAIA portal -
Conference of European Cross-Border and Interregional City Networks
AUXNAVALIA+ kickoff meeting
ARCOPOL+ launch
Atlantic Power Cluster kickoff meeting
1st International Marine Science Communication Conference - New tools and practices (IMSCC2014)
8 - 9 September 2014 - Porto, Portugal
2013 RegioStars Awards launched by the DG Regional Policy
Deadline for the submission of projects is the 20 April 2012
40th anniversary of CPMR
26.09.2013, Saint Malo (France) "Europe's strengths are in its regions", says Commissioner Hahn at the 40th anniversary of the Conference of Peripheral and Maritime regions
40th General Assembly of the CPMR
3-5 October 2012 - Podlaskie, Poland
4th International Conference on Ocean Energy 2012
17/19.10.2012, Dublin (Ireland)
Action Plan for a Maritime Strategy in the Atlantic area
The European Commission approves today the Action Plan for a Maritime Strategy in the Atlantic area.
Annual Growth Survey 2013: Charting the course to recovery
The European Commission adopted the 2013 Annual Growth Survey (AGS), setting out five priorities designed to guide Member States through the crisis to renewed growth.
ARCOPOL Conference and Workshop "Oil, HNS and inert spill response in Andalusia´s coast 2010”
6-7 OCtober 2010, Huelva (Spain)
ARCOPOL+ | Environmental Impact Assessment and Response to Accidental Marine Pollution
30.05.2013, Porto (Portugal) The international workshop includes the contribution of national and international partners as well as other European institutions, such as the European Maritime Safety Agency. It will provide an unique opportunity to present and discuss innovative results arising from the project, namely in topics related with the environmental impact assessment of accidental marine pollution and new tools for planning and preparedness for response to oil and HNS spills.
ARCOPOLPLATFORM presented its results to the European Parliament
The seminar took place on Tuesday 15 September at the European Parliament and aimed at presenting the project results and preparing the future of EU coastal protection against maritime pollution.
ARCOPOLplus Final Conference
06.11.2013, Vigo (Spain) It will showcase project main results: knowledge on environmental impacts of HNS, innovative tools to support responders during emergency operations, local contingency plans, e-learning courses for training, risk communication, ARCOPOL Atlantic Network, among others.
Assistance mechanism for the Atlantic Action Plan - Call for tenders
AT Venture Final Conference
29th September, Santiago de Compostela
AT Venture - Newsletter
AT Venture - Newsletter 3
AT Venture - Newsletter 4
ATBRAND project - How do Atlantic cities communicate?
21/22.04.2015, San Sebastian (Spain) Save the date! The AT-Brand workshop aims to present cities branding and maketing actions and how to improve their communication.
ATC4Excellence Conference - Clusters for excellence
21/22.11.2013, Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
ATClusters, cluster policies and European Networking Conference
15.12.2011, Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
ATCLUSTERS - clusters policies and European Networks Conference
07.05.2014, Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
ATLANT-KIS final conference
27.03.2012, Oporto (Portugal)
ATLANTERRA - copper, nickel and lead found in Portuguese region
New locations with copper, lead and nickel were found in the district of Beja (Portugal), accroding to the National Laboratory of Energy and Geology (LNEG).
Atlantic Action Plan website
The Atlantic Action Plan has now its own website. The aim is to provide guidance and proactive support for public and private organisations, research institutions and universities, institutional and private investors from the Atlantic region wishing to engage in the implementation of the European Atlantic Plan.
Atlantic Area annual event - Conference "Evaluate to go forward"
07.12.2012, Lisbon (Portugal) The conference "Evaluate to go forward" is organised in the framework of the Portuguese Presidency of the European Territorial Programmes: Cross-Border Portugal-Spain, SUDOE and Atlantic Area.
Atlantic Area Exhibition
15/16/17.11.2012, Porto (Portugal) The Atlantic Area Programme is showcasing an exhibition on emblematic projetcts as side event of the Internationcal Conference on the Law of the Sea: protection of environment and the future of the law of the sea.
Atlantic Area Programme - Lisbon Atlantic Conference
28/29.11.2011, Lisbon (portugal)
Atlantic Area Programme Newsflash 7
Find out the latest news of the Atlantic Area Programme!
KIMERAA project starts in Algarve
Atlantic Area project will create network for Sea Cluster
Atlantic Area tour 2015 - REPUTE project
In the framework of its "Atlantic Area Tour 2015", the project REPUTE visits today the Joint Technical Secretariat and the Managing Authority at CCDR-N, in Porto.
Atlantic Blue Tech - "Drivers & Barriers to the development of Blue Biotech SMEs"
15.10.2014, Brest (France) Technopôle Brest-Iroise, leader of the Atlantic Blue Tech project, invites you to the "Drivers & Barriers to the development of Blue Biotech SMEs" seminar organised alongside the Sea Tech Week.
Focus on "European Forum for Innovation in the Marine BioResources"
Atlantic Bluetech- Innovation in the Marine bioresources sector
29/30.04.2015, Cadiz (Spain) Save the date! Atlantic Bluetech final event "European Forum for Innovation in the Marine bioresources sector"
Atlantic Forum “Coastal and Deep Sea Natural Resources'
Faial Island, Azores, 21 September 201
ATLANTIC FORUM: Call for suggestions for key investment and research
The European Commission has launched a public call for suggestions to all interested stakeholders and parties for input and suggestions on the key research and investment priorities of the Atlantic coastal areas.
Atlantic Forum workshop: Blue Growth: "The Community Dimension
24.01.2013, Cardiff (United Kingdom) The focus of the workshop will be on how the potential of coastal communities across the Atlantic area can be maximised, based on both innovative and traditional sustainable economic use of the sea and its resources.
Atlantic Forum workshop: Research and innovation, ports and overview of the Action Plan
4/5.03.2013, Cork | Ireland to host final EU Atlantic Forum Workshop.The Workshop will input to the definition of the European Union Strategy for the Atlantic Action Plan (2014-2020)
2 July 2014 - Hydraulics Environmental Institute - Santander, Spain
ATLANTIC POWER CLUSTER - Marine Energies in the Atlantic regions
19/20.02.2014, Bordeaux (France) Directed at marine energy industry stakeholders, as well as territorities and economic development agencies, this seminar will gather the 18 APC partners meaning the Atlantic regions as a whole.
Atlantic Power Cluster - More Marine Energy in the Atlantic
The project Atlantic Power Cluster has presented the results of a benchmarking study on Marine Renewable Energies in the region.
Atlantic strategy: workshop on directly managed funds and operational programmes
17.02.2014, Brussels (Belgium) The European Commission is organising a workshop on how to access and mobilise directly managed EU funds (i.e. those managed by the Commission) to pursue implementation of the Action Plan for a Maritime Strategy in the Atlantic area.
ATLANTICBLUETECH - European Forum for Innovation in the Marine Bioresources
29/30.04.2015, Cádiz (Spain) Learn what's new in the Marine Bioresources Sector!
AT Venture - Partners meeting and Seminar
Shetland Islands, 2nd and 3rd June 2010
Aula aberta: Portugal e o Direito do mar
08.04.2015, Porto (Portugal) Faculdade de Direito da Universidade do Porto. Aula aberta sob o tema "O limite exterior da plataforma continental e o caso das ilhas selvagens".
AUXNAVALIA+ kickoff meeting
24.05.2012, Vigo (Spain)
BATTERIE - Better Accessible Transport to Encourage Robust Intermodal Transport
05.12.2012, Belfast (Northern Ireland, UK) The project BATTERIE will hold its launch event.
BATTERIE Closing Conference
19.11.2014, Belfast (UK) The purpose of the project was to improve the cooperation and links between various transport services within the Atlantic Area region and to promote the application of smart technologies and usage of alternative fuels. The conference aims to celebrate successes and achievements, network and share experience with other partners, industry experts and international research attendees.
Batterie launch event
BATTERIE - Normandy days on electro-mobility
23/24.01.2013, Rouen (France) BATTERIE project organizes an European event on electro-mobility.
Biofuels Research Infrastructure for Sharing Knowledge
BRISK will fund researchers outside and inside the project to carry out research at any of the 26 partners' facilities.
Blue Growth: prospects for sustainable growth from marine and maritime sectors
European Commission communication
Business Meeting of ENERMAT
22/23.05.2012, Bordeaux (Aquitaine)
Call for expression of interest to establish a list of experts in the field of Cohesion policy, regional and urban development
The Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy has launched a Call for expression of interest to establish a list of experts to provide technical advice and strategic guidance in the implementation of Cohesion policy interventions.
Call for proposals MARE/2014/26 Interoperability improvements in Member States to enhance information sharing for maritime surveillance
Deadline for submission of proposals: 31.03.2015 DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries launched the present call to support Member States in improving their authorities’ maritime surveillance interoperability.
CANTATA final conference
17.10.2011, Denbigshire (UK)
CANTATA2 - Newsletter 2
July 2010
CINEW - Creative Industries: new opportunities in the Atlantic Area
27.05.2015, Lisbon (Portugal) CINEW project's final conference is taking place today at Centro de Congressos do Instituto Superior Técnico.
CISNET project - Publications
City brand governance: shaping the collaboration model
3/4.12.2014, La Rochelle (France) The second AT.Brand international workshop will be focused on governance and management in city branding.
CLIMATLANTIC - 2nd Forum of interregional mobility
20/21.02.2014, La Rochelle (France) The Forum will focus on local and regional carbon footprint reduction on mobility priority. It will provide insights on existing and future trends in interregional mobility. It will mix research, visions and actions.
CLIMATLANTIC Mobility Study: Public Consultation Open
In the framework of CLIMATLANTIC project, partners are developing a mobility study open to managers of local authorities in Transport in order to get theirs visions about orientations that have to be followed in mid-term (by 2025) to put the carbon footprint of territories on a sustained declining trajectory.
Closing Ceremony of the Atlantic Watersports Games: Viana do Castelo (Norte Portugal) hands over to Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie (Pays de la Loire)
19.07.2013 - 19th Atlantic Watersports Games organized by the city of Viana do Castelo and its clubs, hosted 18 regional teams from Ireland to the Lisbon region, through Wales, Basse-Normandie and Galicia.
COHESION POLICY PACKAGE ADOPTED: Commission welcomes European Parliament's support for fundamental reforms
The Parliament gave its consent to new rules that refocus investment in the real economy, on key areas to create jobs and foster growth. The reforms also set new conditions for funding and place a greater emphasis on measuring results. In addition, they put in place some common rules for all five European Structural and Investment Funds for the 2014-2020 period and make them simpler to use. The new rules are due to be formally adopted shortly by the EU's Council of Ministers.
Communication on 'Regional Policy supporting sustainable growth in Europe 2020'
Concurso Público Internacional-Serviços de Auditoria
Combining Engineered Antibodies and Marine Products for Biotherapeutics and Diagnostics
08.05.2012, Dublin (Ireland)
Conference: from innovation to growth ecosystems
11.04.2014, Nantes (France)Region Pays de la Loire, in partnership with DMS and CMI consulting firms, organizes an Innovation Conference day. The main objective of this day is to bring together businesspeople, entrepreneurs, executives, researchers and professionals of the innovation sector as well as innovative communities and policymakers to share practices and ideas on innovation ecosystems and give strategies and techniques to foster innovation across communities and countries.
Conference - Maritime and coastal tourism
27.09.2012, Brussels (Belgium)
Conference Oceans Challenges and Opportunities
17.05.2013, Porto (Portugal) The Atlantic Area Transnational Programme presents its perspectives and challenges at the Conference "Oceans challenges and opportunities" hosted by the University of Porto.
Connecting smart and sustainable growth - practical guide
The Commission has just published a practical guide plotting a path to connect smart and sustainable growth in the framework of the forthcoming Smart Specialisation Strategies to be drawn up by regions and Member States.
Consultation on International Ocean Governance
How can we secure a sustainable future for our oceans – effectively managing increasing demand for ocean resources and safeguarding these resources for future generations?
DG MARE - Consultation on Marine Knowledge 2020
Public Consultation on "Marine Knowledge 2020: from seabed mapping to ocean forecasting"
Consultation on Ocean Energy (OE) - DG MARE
"Cooperation is the key to progress faster in marine bioresources innovation"
30.04.2015, Cadiz (Spain) During the "European Forum for Innovation in the Marine BioResources", Daniel Clément, JTS Director, underlined the cooperation key role on innovation.
COTER Seminar on ''European territorial cooperation as a driver of regional development''
19.04.2013, Porto (Portugal) | The Atlantic Area Programme Managing Authority President, Carlos Neves is participating in Session 1: "How European territorial cooperation can deliver on Europe 2020 strategy objectives, synergies with CSF funds". The conference room is also hosting the Atlantic Area exhibition.
CPMR Seminar - Improving maritime accessibility
15-04-2011, Gijón (Spain)
Cross-border Cooperation Spain-Portugal results seminar
19/20.09.2012, Braga (Portugal)
DG MARE welcomes the progress of GEPETO project
Mrs. Lowri Evans, Director General DGMare, Mr. Bernhard Friess Director of the Directorate "Atlantic, Outermost Regions and Arctic" and other DGMare representatives have attended the workshops about GEPETO project
Dia Nacional do Mar em Portugal
Dissemination session of the European project FAME (Future of the Atlantic Marine Environment)
23 May, Lisboa - Portugal
DURATINET - project results workshop
30.05.2012, Lisbon (Portugal)
EC Day - twitter chat with EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn
19 September at 14.00h CET -
ECOINNOVA - International congress on Eco-innovation
14/15.05.2013, Ourense (Spain) The project ECOINNOVA organizes an International Congress on Ecoinnovation. The project's aim is to create a transnational structure to inform, advise, encourage and promote eco-innovation in SMEs and support the creation of eco-innovative SMEs in the Atlantic Area.
Ecosal Atlantis “Biodiversity and nature tourism”
Nantes (France), 28/29.06.2012
Ecosal Atlantis Newsletter October
Enermat - Newsletter 1
ENERMAT project final conference
8/9.10.2012, Brussels (Belgium)
Days for Enermat - New materials for energy - 13th and 14th of April in Caen, France
Enermat promotes cooperation between companies and research centers
ESPON Workshop "Innovation & Knowledge"
05.10.2012, Brussels (Belgium)
ESPON Workshop "Stepping into the sea - New evidence on territorial development and the opportunities and risks for European seas and maritime regions"
15.05.2013, Brussels - aims at providing information on land-sea interactions within Europe’s six regional seas, which can be used by stakeholders for the elaboration of both, future Structural Funds programmes but also other development strategies.
ETC joint branding going ahead, looking for a graphic designer
On behalf of the INTERACT programme (, INTERACT Point Viborg is inviting interested parties to submit a quotation for a short-term contract regarding the development of a full scale implementation of a new brand identity for the European Union initiative “European Territorial Cooperation” (ETC) and subsequently for the participating programmes.
ETC Joint Conference - follow the event live
EU leaders endorse sustainable growth strategy for the Atlantic
The 27 leaders of the EU Member States gave their support to the Action Plan for the implementation of the Maritime Strategy for the Atlantic Ocean area, during the European Council Summit, on 27/28 June 2013 .
EU stakeholder asked for views on the EUROPE 2020 strategy
On 5 May 2014, the Commission has launched online a public consultation on the Europe 2020 strategy.
EU, US, Canada launch Atlantic Ocean research alliance
The European Union, the United States and Canada agreed to join forces on Atlantic Ocean research. The agreement focuses on aligning the ocean observation efforts of the three partners. The goals are to better understand the Atlantic Ocean and to promote the sustainable management of its resources.
Europe Day - 9 May
Today we celebrate Europe. 63 years ago Robert Schuman, French foreign Minister, gave the historical speech which set out the idea for a new form of political cooperation in Europe inspired by an ideal of peace and reconciliation among European nations.
"Europe in my Region" Photo Competition
Europe in my Region - Photo competition
Deadline: 23 August 2013, 12:00pm (noon) Central European Summer Time.
"Europe in My Region" photo competition winners
The three winners of the "Europe in My Region" photo competition have been revealed: Adela Nistora from Portugal, Ieva Vīksne from Latvia and Kristina Griguolė from Lithuania. The three projects pictured were all funded by the European Regional Development Fund.
European Conference "Nautisme Espace Atlantique"
Brest (France) 26/27-10-2011
European Cooperation Day - Be part of it!
16/20.09.2014, Milan (Italy) The kick-off event of this year´s European Cooperation Day is taking place place today at the "Palazzo Lombardia" in Milan, Italy.
European Maritime Day on sustainable maritime tourism and connectivity
20.05.2013 | Every year on May 20 'maritime Europe' is celebrated within the European Union to showcase the importance of the seas and oceans for our everyday life. The European Maritime Day conference is now the place where stakeholders from all maritime sectors meet and discuss opportunities and challenges for the maritime regions and sectors across Europe. The theme for this year's conference is "Coastal development and sustainable maritime tourism: an investment for blue growth".
European Maritime Day to celebrate our seas and oceans
Eurostat Regional Yearbook 2012
Evaluate REGIO communication work
Its aim is to inform citizens about the principles and rules governing the EU cohesion policy and to communicate about its added value and main achievements. For this purpose, a number of products were produced (publications, videos, events). Participate on this evaluation through an on-line survey.
Evaluation of European Territorial Cooperation Programmes
Paris, 9-10 November 2010
Exhibition Atlantic Area - Port of Lisbon
August 2012, Lisbon (Portugal)
Exhibition Atlantic Area Programme - Atlantic Forum workshop - EC Day
21.09.2012, Horta, Faial Island, Azores (Portugal)
FAME project article in the RSPB Birds Magazine
Fifth Cohesion Forum - "Investing in Europe's future: a regional development strategy for 2020"
31 January 2011 - 01 February 2011, Brussels (Belgium)
Final Conference of ARCOPOLplatform project
14/15.09.2015, Brussels (Belgium) The CPMR Atlantic Arc Commission is organising the Final Conference of ARCOPOLplatform project, with two seminars, entitled “Reinforcing preparedness of Atlantic Regions against maritime pollution” and “How to better protect Atlantic Coastal Regions from Maritime Pollution?”
First Conference of the Atlantic Arc Marine Protected Areas Network - MAIA project
03/06.12.12, Arcachon (France)
Fisheries Management in the Atlantic Arc: GEPETO project
8/9.07.2014. Vigo (Spain) This international seminar aims to present all the tools, software and novelties that GEPETO is bringing about, and to promote a reflection upon the role of Transnational European Projects, particularly when it comes to Fishing Management and its future, bearing in mind regionalisation and the New Common Fishing Policy. Everything is ready to get the new long-term management plans going for Atlantic Ara fisheries.
You can follow online the Lisbon Atlantic Conference
29-31.05.2013, Porto (Portugal) The Programme is participating on the 3rd Fórum do Mar, an event open to professionals working in the different sectors that make up the sea economy, the scientific community, and the general public in order to contribute to the development of the sea economy and to raise the public's awareness of the benefits that can be obtained from the sustainable exploitation of resources.
Funding of innovative projetcs on maritime research
presentations available (in portuguese)
General Assembly of the Atlantic Arc Commission
31.05/ 01.06.2012, Santander (Cantabria)
IMAGINAATLANTICA - Creative Industries and Territories
13/14.12.2012, Angoulême (France) 1st European Conference of Creative Industries and Territories
IMAGINAATLANTICA - International Conference on Creative Territories
27/28.06.2013, Ourense (Spain) The project IMAGINAATLANTICA presents the International Conference on Creative Territories "Enhancing our Heritage".
Implementing the Atlantic Action Plan
National events: London / Lisbon / La Rochelle
INNOVATE, promoting economic change - Final Conference
14.02.2013, Avilés (Spain)The aim of the Conference is to present to the general public the impact of this project, in the partners territories as well as the future capitalization actions. Stakeholders and beneficiaries will participle at the conference to discuss about their experience in INNOVATE as well as the benefits from the transnational cooperation.
INTEGRA platform - Make it easy to travel
23.05.2013, La Rochelle (France) START project presents research and local actions from the Integra network and the Integra Technical Platform with a variety of co-benefits that cooperation between transport and tourism entities can bring for medium-sized cities using sustainable mobility.
INTERACT event - Designation procedure for Interreg programmes
29.04.2015, Barcelona (Spain) Managing Authority, Teresa Lameiras, is presenting today an introduction to the criterion “Management and Control” during the INTERACT event.
International Conference on the law of the sea
15/17.07.2012, Porto (Portugal)
Interreg 25 Years
We're celebrating the 25th birthday of Interreg today with the conference "Discover achievements, reflect and be inspired" in Luxembourg.
INTERREG Atlantic Area at Open days 2015
Workshop: Innovation & SMEs: Perspectives of the Atlantic 2020 INTERREG Programme and the EU Action Plan for a Maritime Strategy in the Atlantic
INTERREG SUDOE is opening its first call for proposals
1st phase - 21.09 to 06.11.2015
Jornada Mecanismo Alternativos de Financiación - Capital Riesgo y Inversiones
23 de septiembre, Valladolid
Kick off Open Days 2012
Kick off seminar KIMERAA project
6-7 May 2010, Galway (Ireland)
KIMERAA Jornada de Transferencia del Conocimiento en el Ámbito Marino
14.05.2014, Huelva (Spain) La Jornada de Transferencia del Conocimiento en el Ámbito Marino se presenta como un punto de encuentro entre los diferentes actores que intervienen en la economía marítima.
KIMERAA - Newsletter 11 (October 2013)
October 2013 | workshop SEAS-ERA | Partnership meets after Project Extension | Launch of the Oceans Gulbenkian Initiative | Blue growth: A Strategy for the Sustainable Development of the Marine Resources in UE | University of Algarve Committed to the Development of the Regional Smart Specialisation Strategy (RIS3) | Experts from the University of Huelva discuss about the Protection Plan of Littoral Corridor
KIMERAA - O fortalecimento da Economia do Mar na Região Norte
16.12.2011, Porto (Portugal)
KIMERAA - O fortalecimento da Economia do Mar na Região Norte
KIMERAA Project Launches Sea Directory
KIMERAA project participates on Forum do Mar 2012
10/12.05.2012, Exponor (Matosinhos)
KIMERAA survey - needs of entities operating in the maritime sector
Its goal is to detect and assess the knowledge needs of entities (users and/or providers of innovation or knowledge related exchange services) operating in the maritime sector. The final objective is to help the definition of relevant innovation support policies that can be implemented to meet these needs.
KIMERAA workshop “Creating networks and knowledge transfer for SMEs"
11.06.2014, Manchester (UK) The workshop will focus the presentation of the most relevant project results and debate technology diffusion and provision of innovation support services.
KNETWORKS International closing conference
In the framework of the international project KNETWORKS, support by the Atlantic Area Programme, the final conference will be held on March 22nd, at Auditorium PA2 at Instituto Superior Técnico, in Lisbon.
KNetworks - Platforms for Networked Innovation Competition
KNOWCITIES - closing seminar
28.05.2013, San Sebastian (Spain) Closing seminar under the theme "Knowledge Cities in the New Funding Programme Period 2014-2020". KNOWCITIES project aims to carry out an innovative methodology for facilitating the access and transition to the knowledge economy, as a mean to easy up the transnational cooperation in common matters all linked to the sustainable urban development as an attractive and urban marketing factor for the middle sized Atlantic cities.
Conference: funding of innovative projects on maritime research
The Managing Authority participates on a conference about funding of maritime innovative projects
MAREN - Power Extraction and Hydro-environmental Impacts of Marine Renewable Energy
11/12.04.2013, Galway (Ireland) The main objectives of the conference are to disseminate research findings to stakeholders and others interested parties. The conference will also host workshops to stimulate stakeholder debate in key areas.
MAREN2 Final Conference - Marine Renewable Energy
5/7.05.2015, Cardiff (United Kingdom) MAREN2 project partners will presente the main achievements and results. Focus of the project is the hydro-environmental assessment of multi-platform Marine Renewable Energy applications with the main objective to speed up the exploitation of the renewable energy potential of the marine and coastal environment and protecting, securing and enhancing its sustainability.
AtlanticBluetech - Marine Bioresources: Opportunities and Interactions across Sectors
29.05.2014, Porto (Portugal) Forum do Mar. In the context of AtlanticBlueTech project, the Seminar main objective is to present the different initiatives already undertaken and to create synergies among stakeholders that operate in the marine bio-resources sector. Additionally, there will be discussed interaction opportunities within the marine bio-resources sector and across sectors.
Maritime Spatial Planning and Climate Change Mitigation under the Ecosystem Approach
MARMED kickoff meeting
13.06.2012, Guimarães, Portugal
MARMED - Valorization of Marine Resources through Biomedical Developments
18.06.2014, Porto (Portugal) The event will present the results of MARMED project which searches for the valorization of by-products from fishing activities and marine organisms to create high-value products for biomedical applications.
Monitoring Committee meeting - Dublin
27/28.10.2011, Dublin (Ireland)
Multiannual Financial Framework - European Council conclusions
Members States agreed on an amount to a total of EUR 8 948 million for European Territorial Cooperation, including EUR 1 822 million for Transnational Cooperation.
National Correspondents and Monitoring Committee meetings - Lisbon
28/29.06.2012, Lisbon (Portugal)
National Strategy for the Ocean – Portugal
Public consultation 01.03.2013 to 31.05.2013
NEA 2 - Guide to environmental management of nautical centers
NEA2 project partner INTERCELTICA has publsished a guide to the environmental management of nautical centers.
NEA 2 - Salon Nautique de Paris
06.12.2011, Paris (France)
NETALGAE project final event
6/7.11.2012, San Sebastien (Spain)
NETMAR demonstration in Galicia
This Demo of Netmar Project took place yesterday. The chosen location was Port of Pobra do Caramiñal, in SW of La Coruña. The simulation of a maritime incident at sea was shown, with redirection of the ship to a safe port (A Pobra do Caramiñal), where an exercise of flight against accidental maritime pollution took place.
NETMAR - International Conference on Maritime security in port areas
07.11.2013, ACoruña (Spain)The conference main objective is to establish solid pillars on which actions should be developed for improving the marine environment. Experts from different fields of science will meet to discuss the new challenges of maritime security with integrated coastal management as a goal and port areas like environment on the conclusions to be screened.
NETMAR kickoff meeting
06.06.2012, Porto, Portugal
NETMAR newsletter 3
The NETMAR project concerns the demonstration, evaluation and dissemination of new robotic systems, sensors and networking technologies in maritime incidents endangering human life, the environment and economic activities. Find out the latest news about the project.
Networking Meeting - “Innovative SME networks in emerging regions”
In the framework European SME Week, the Networking Meeting - “Innovative SME networks in emerging regions” is taking place today in Sevilha (Spain).
New logo for cooperation Programmes
INTERACT release today the promotional vídeo to present the INTERREG brand.
New Maritime Agenda for growth and jobs adopted
News / Notícias / Actualités / Notícias
Newsflash 4 - Atlantic Area Programme and Atlantic Strategy: a natural link
May 2013 | General Assembly of the Atlantic Arc Commission | Exhibition - Focus on projects | Projects presentations | More news
Newsflash 8
Find out the latest news of the Atlantic Area Programme!
Newsletter INTERACT - Autumn 2013
Closure of the Programming Period 2007-2013
Newsletter INTERACT Winter 2013 | Territorial Cooperation 2014+
This issue takes the reader on a journey exploring opportunities for improved territorial cooperation during the next programming period.
Nova geração de Programas de CTE em Portugal
19/29.05.2015, Portugal. A Agência para o Desenvolvimento e Coesão I.P. organiza cinco sessões de apresentação dos Programas de Cooperação Territorial Europeia em Portugal, dirigidas a potenciais beneficiários.
Ocean Energy: Feedback Statement of the Online Public Consultation
This public consultation on ocean energy was carried out in order to gain insight into the development of these energy resources. The responses will serve as a basis for an assessment of the policy options available to support this sector at the EU level.
Oceanos - Ciclo de Conferências Rio+ 20
12.07.2012, Porto (Portugal)
Open Days 2011 - Investing in Europe's future
Open Days 2012
08/11.10.2012, Brussells (Belgium)
Open Days 2013
7-10.10.2013, Brussels (Belgium) 101 seminars organised as part of the 11th edition of the European Week of Regions and Cities - OPEN DAYS 2013.
OPEN DAYS 2014: Register now!
6-9.10.2014, Brussels (Belgium) 'Growing together – Smart investment for people' is the slogan of the 12th European Week of Regions and Cities
Open Days da Eurorregião Galicia-Norte de Portugal
10/11.07.2012, Guimarães (Portugal)
Open doors day to celebrate European Cooperation
19.09.2013, Porto (Portugal) The Programme opened the doors to celebrate European Cooperation.
Operational Programme, Ex ante Evaluation and Strategic Environmental Assessment To Be Approved
Pan-European dialogue between cruise operators, ports and coastal tourism stakeholders
5/6.03.2015, Brussels (BE) As announced in action 3 of the Communication "A European Strategy for more Growth and Jobs in Coastal and Maritime Tourism", the European Commission promotes a structured dialogue on cruise tourism to enhance synergies in the sector, targeting best practice sharing in innovation, competitiveness and sustainability strategies.
Panorama 52: Lending a hand to deliver cohesion policy
The Spring edition of Panorama is now available online!
Panorama magazine autumn 2013 edition
The autumn edition of panorama magazine on how EU regions are leading the way in the realm of eco-innovation is now online.
Panorama Magazine - Cohesion Policy 2014-2020 - Momentum builds
Winter 2014 - this edition takes as its theme the reformed Cohesion Policy 2014-2020 and analyses the details of what this means for all stakeholders. In an exclusive interview European Commission President Barroso outlines how the reformed Cohesion Policy will help create growth and jobs and achieve the objectives of the Europe2020 Strategy.
Panorama magazine Spring 2013 edition
This issue's highlight is the role of Cohesion policy in returning growth to Europe.
PANORAMA magazine - summer edition 2014
Update on the progress of adoption of Partnership Agreements | Ten years of enlargement | New governance guidelines and tools designed to combat fraud | Committee of the Regions 20th anniversary | European Maritime and Fisheries Fund
PARKATLANTIC Conference "New development model"
26.09.2013, Vila Nova de Famalicão (Portugal) The Managing Authority participated at the conference and presented a communication during the opening panel.
PARKATLANTIC Conference "Sustainability and social uses of Urban parks"
24/25.10.2012, Vila Nova de Famalicão (Portugal)
PARKATLANTIC - final conference
11.12.2012, Santiago de Compostela (Spain) The aim of the event is to show the main project's results and capitalisation activities undertaken by the partners after three years of transnational cooperation.
Parkatlantic International Conference
PARKATLANTIC - Serviços prestados pelos Espaços Verdes
18.06.2014, Vila Nova de Famalicão (Portugal) O projeto PARKATLANTIC apresenta a conferência "O valor económico dos serviços prestados pelos espaços verdes: a integração das perspetivas económica, social e ambiental".
Pharmatlantic Project final event "Marine Resources Exploitation"
28.02.2013, Vigo (Spain) The programme includes presentations by some of PHARMATLANTIC partners, and by representatives of research institutions and biotechnological companies.
Pilot project MOOVE Oeste Portugal
05.03.2015, Arruda dos Vinhos (Portugal) In the framework of REPUTE project, the partner Comunidade Intermunicipal do Oeste-OesteCIM is holding a workshop to present the pilot project MOOVE Oeste Portugal which aims to make available to citizen a 100% electric vehicle(EV), fueled by solar-photovoltaic system, located in 12 municipalities of the Portuguese West Region.
Presentation of the Guide "Alto-Minho - A world of nautical experiences"
10.05.2012, Exponor (Matosinhos)
Prestataire - Marché public - contrôle
Programme Monitoring Committee / 2014-2020 Programme preparation Working Group meetings
The Welsh Assembly Government, under the United Kingdom Presidency of the Programme Monitoring Committee (PMC) in 2013, hosted PMC and 2014-2020 Programme preparation Working Group meetings in Cardiff, on 9 and 10th July.
Project ECOSALATLANTIS - final conference
21/22.11.2012, Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain)
Project MeshAtlantic - discovery of new polychaete species
Project SHAREBIOTECH - final event
23.10.2012, Nantes (France)
Projeto PRESPO - Pequena pesca na costa continental portuguesa
Estudo "Pequena pesca na costa continental portuguesa - caracterização socio-económica, descrição da actividade e identificação de problemas"
Protection of Environment and the Future of the Law of the Sea
15/17.11.2012, Porto (Portugal)
Questionnaire on labeling and traceability of fish products
Nobody will deny the importance of knowing the quality of the seafood we eat and where it comes from. LABELFISH precisely works on the issue to the benefit of the consumer and SMEs. The project has launched a questionnaire on labeling and traceability of fish products. Please devote a few minutes of your time to answer some questions.
REGIO STARS 2013 winner – UPTEC - North of Portugal (Norte), Portugal
The Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto (UPTEC) wins the Regio Stars 2013 award in the Smart Growth category.
REGIO STARS 2013 winner: ENWORKS, North West England, UK
ENWORKS, Resource Efficiency Support (Manchester) wins the Regio Stars 2013 award in the Resource Efficiency Support category.
'RegioStars' 2013 Finalists Announced
RegioStars Awards 2014
The objective of the RegioStars Awards is to identify good practices in regional development and to highlight original and innovative projects which could be attractive and inspiring to other regions.
Regiostars Awards 2014 - Presentation of the finalists
19 finalists will be showcasing their projects supported by EU cohesion policy funds during the 11th annual European Week of Regions and Cities - OPEN DAYS 2013.
Renewable energy in public transport entreprise
21.10.2014, Dugannon (Northern Ireland) The REPUTE workshop provides a perfect opportunity for policy makers, industry professionals and members of the public to learn about innovative developments in renewable energy and energy efficiency in public transport.
Interreg Atlantic Area launching conference «Promoting synergies, achieving results»
24.05.2016, Centro de Congressos da Alfândega do Porto
International Conference: Marine socio-economic analysis in the Atlantic Area - the Marnet Project
28/30.05.2014, Porto (Portugal) AEP - Portuguese Entrepreneurial Association and Oceano XXI - Association for the Knowledge and Economy of the Sea, are organising the 4th Fórum do Mar
Seminar Climatlantic: the future of the Atlantic Strategy
02.10.2012, Brussels (Belgium)
INTERACT-EPSON Seminar "ETC Delivering Europe 2020"
25.09.2012, Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
Seminar on the thematic poles of Natural risks and Maritime safety
19 April 2011 | Genova, Italy
Setting the Scene - An event to raise awareness of the European Territorial Cooperation Programmes in Wales
The Welsh Government is hosting an event to raise awareness of the ETC programmes which encourage collaborative projects with partners in Wales and Europe. The event will take place on the 23rd of July at Welsh Government Office, Sarn Mynach, Llandudno Junction.
SEUPB - 2012 European Cooperation Day Conference
20.09.2012, Dundalk (Ireland)
Sharebiotec Event: Fostering Open Innovation in Biotechnology
10/11.05.2012, Pamplona (Spain)
SHAREBIOTECH Newsletter #5
ShareBiotech project - newsletter #6
ShareBiotech's main goal is to strengthen the biotechnology sector through facilitating access to technological core facilities for researchers and companies within the European Atlantic Area.
ShareBiotech - workshop on Alternatives to animal use in pre-clinical studies
10.12.2012, Cantanhede (Portugal) Under the ShareBiotech project, Biocant will promote a workshop on Alternatives to animal use in pre-clinical studies. The theme of this meeting was identified in the questionnaire performed to research groups and companies as one of the most prevailing needs.
SITE - Moving towards a Regional smart ticketing system
7.11.2013, Nantes (France). Public workshop- it will be the occasion for public transport ticketing competent authorities to discover experiences from 4 French and European cities. Come to learn the keys for success and the mistakes to avoid in implementing a smart ticketing system at a regional level.
Visit the SPRES project website!
Special extension facility for approved projects
17.12.2012/28.02.2013 - The Programme Monitoring Committee has approved a special extension facility open to all Atlantic Area approved projects.
SITE newsletter
Project SITE shares the first results on smart ticketing issues.
SURF Nature - 8th interregional workshop
Sustainable Energy Europe and ManagEnergy Awards 2014
A new edition of the award competitions in sustainable energy at the EU level is now open. The 2014 Sustainable Energy Europe and ManagEnergy awards will highlight public and private initiatives that are actively contributing to the EU’s 2020 energy and climate objectives. The competition is open until 28 March.
Technical Days of DORNA
6, 7 and 8 October 2011, Santiago de Compostela
The 4th START newsletter is now available!
The Atlantic Action Plan: finance opportunities for projects, chances for SMEs
12/13.06.2014, Liverpool (UK)The objective of the seminar is to help stakeholders learn about and devise ideas for projects in the Atlantic area that would meet the needs of the Atlantic Action Plan and that could benefit from EU or private funding.
The Atlantic Area Operational Programme participates in the 1st Congress on Smart Cooperation
25/26.06.2012, ACoruña (Spain)
Statement on Atlantic Area Transnational Programme management continuity
27.09.2013, St. Malo (France) 40th CPMR anniversary
The Ocean of Tomorrow 2013 Call for Proposal
TURNKEY - Wave Glider public presentation
27/28.03.2015, Nazaré (Portugal) The Wave Glider is essentially an ocean surface drone capable of carrying a multitude of sensors, it is powered by wave action and solar energy and has no emissions. It is remotely and wirelessly controlled; collecting data in a cost-effective manner. The data is then streamed wirelessly, reducing boat costs.
Vacancy - Alpine Space Programme
Webchat with Commissioner Hahn today,18 October!
Welcome to Atlantic Area first Newsflash!
Who will be the Atlantic City of the Year in 2015?
The annual contest is promoted by the Atlantic Arc Cities and seeks to reward excellence in Atlantic cities regarding the implementation of exemplary policies. Applications must be submitted by 16.02.2015
Workshop: Business opportunities in marine renewables
28.01.2014, Porto (Portugal) In the framework of Atlantic Power Cluster project, INEGI and Wavec holds a workshop related to the business opportunities in marine renewables.
Workshop - Maritime protected areas governance
11/13.06.2012, A Coruña (Spain)
EASYCO - Workshop "Needs and services associated to operational models"
29.06.2012, Lisbon (Portugal)
SHAREBIOTECH - Workshop "Microarray Applications in Biomedicine"
05.07.2012, Cantanhede (Portugal)
Workshop on Project Development
Bristol, 24th of November 2010
Workshop PORTONOVO - port water quality management
09/10.02.2011, Santander (Spain)
World Oceans Day 2012
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