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Group of Auditors

The Group of Auditors, which  comprises a representative of each Member State participating in the Operational Programme, has the mission of giving assistance to the Audit Authority on carrying out the duties provided in Article 62º of Regulation (EC) Nº 1083/2006.


Spain:  Intervención General de la Administración del Estado - Ministerio of Economia y Hacienda, Division de Control Financiero de Fondos Comunitarios - represented by Elena Luengo García

France: Unité de contrôle des fonds européens, Préfecture de la région Pays de la Loire - represented by Lénora Guennou

Ireland: ERDF Financial Control Unit, Department of Finance, Ministery of Finance - represented by Dermot Byrne and Paul Herron;

United Kingdom: Internal Audit Services, Ministery of Communities and Local Government - represented by Desmond Mulcahy


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