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The MAIA portal - is now online. The specificity lies in the fact that it combines innovative tools, such as the GIS viewer and the collaborative section, with an editorial website. And all three components are underpinned by a shared database.

A multi-lingual site for the North-East Atlantic MPA network

Open to the general public and published in four languages (English, French, Spanish and Portuguese), the editorial website of the European cooperation project MAIA - Marine Protected Areas in the Atlantic arc – features everything going on in the network: technical workshops, publications, news about MPA managers from the four partner countries and European information.

The site also includes a dynamic map tool, the GIS viewer, which can be used to submit geographical or attribute queries and to poll objects, etc. A summary datasheet presents each marine protected area with standard information (perimeter, status, etc.) common to national, European (CDDA) and global (WCMC-WDPA) databases, completed by qualitative data about site management.

Both user-friendly and flexible, this tool offers a geographic overview of MPAs in the Atlantic arc. Information for the database is currently being compiled and will eventually be used to regularly assess the network of marine protected areas in the North-East Atlantic.

A discussion room for MPA stakeholders

The collaborative space is open to Atlantic arc MPA managers, project partners and other members invited by the MAIA coordination team. Here they have access to working documents and the calendar; they can also update their site’s datasheet and add input to the document database.

The MAIA portal is a shared information site. It is a real tool in MPA network coordination and will constitute the reference database for MPAs in the Atlantic arc.

Source: MAIA project


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