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Advances in Thermoelectricity - ENERMAT

24/25-03-2011, Caen (France)

ENERMAT.aa is a project whose goal is to implement a sustainable transnational network of cooperation between public research structures and small and medium industries of the Atlantic Area in the materials for energy field.

In the framework of the project, a training course regarding Advances in Thermoelectricity will be held on March 24th and 25th.

CRISMAT laboratory researchers will give talks focused on recent advances in thermoelectric energy conversion and cooling including material discovery; thermal, electrical and mechanical properties of new materials; and device design, fabrication and testing.

In addition, some practical training on equipments of the laboratory will be carried out. ENERMAT delegates from Universities of Liverpool, Aveiro, Santiago de Compostela and Bordeaux will attend the meeting and will be open to discuss about materials for energy issues and new collaborative projects. Delegates from the industry are welcome like any other academic involved in this subject.

More information and registration: HERE 

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