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ARCOPOL Workshop - HNS, Inert and Oil Spills

30-04-2010, Lisbon (Portugal) - Workshop: "New tools for better planning, response management and damage assessment in HNS, Inert and Oil Spills: ARCOPOL project"

This workshop aims at disseminating among stakeholders the developments that are being achieved in the frame of ARCOPOL project.

Specifically, it will focus on latest progresses made regarding tools for the better managing of accidental marine pollution events (inert, oil and HNS - Hazardous and noxious substances - spills).

Attendants will also benefit from contributions by EMSA, the Direcção-Geral da Autoridade Marítima (DGAM) and the Instituto Hidrográfico (IH). Moreover, some other relevant on-going EU-funded projects (EASYCO, DRIFTER, DEOSOM and ARGOMARINE) will explain their view and approach to this topic in order to look for synergies and share the knowledge available in the Atlantic Area.

It will be an important opportunity for both stakeholders (end users) and researchers to identify difficulties and needs in order to jointly improve the preparedness and response to inert, oil and hazardous and noxious substances' spills.

Programme and informations: ARCOPOL website


Source: ARCOPOL website

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