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Atlantic Area Programme - Lisbon Atlantic Conference

28/29.11.2011, Lisbon (portugal)

In the context of the European Union Maritime Strategy for the Atlantic Ocean Area, and under the theme Atlantic Maritime Business & Science for a Sustainably Developed Europethe Lisbon Atlantic Conference aims at generating a public discussion encompassing the Member-States Governance, Regions and the Entrepreneurs and Science clusters.

The Atlantic Area Programme, which supports this event, will be represented by Gerry Fynn,  Director of BMW Assembly and President of the Programme Monitoring Committee in 2011.

Mr. Fynn will speak about the Programme on a Maritime perspective during the first round table: "The Atlantic Forum, a framework for dialogue in preparing the action plan".

The Programme will be also represented by the project NEA2, which will participate in the roudtable V - day 2, under the theme "Atlantic connectivity, nautical tourism and maritime security" and by other institutions, lead partners or partners of Atlantic Area projects, which will be envolved on the debates during the two days conference.

More than 1000 participants are expected.

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