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KIMERAA project starts in Algarve

Atlantic Area project will create network for Sea Cluster

The University of Algarve, lead partner of project KIMERAA - Knowledge transfer to Improve Marine Economy in Regions from the Atlantic Area, hosted in the 1st and 2nd of June the meeting to launch this project  that aims to build mechanisms for knowledge transfer between companies and scientific organizations, focusing particularly the sciences and economic activities linked to the sea.

The first day was dedicated to the interaction and mutual knowledge with the institutional presentations of the partner organizations of KIMERAA and the project goals.

The second day was focused in the launching of the specific activities of the project, particularly the release of an Atlantic network for the sea cluster development where the transfer of knowledge among the entities of scientific and technological systems and enterprises need to be more effective.

KIMERAA is a project approved on the second call for projects under priority 1.2.

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