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Atlantic Forum workshop: Blue Growth: "The Community Dimension

24.01.2013, Cardiff (United Kingdom) The focus of the workshop will be on how the potential of coastal communities across the Atlantic area can be maximised, based on both innovative and traditional sustainable economic use of the sea and its resources.

The European Commission launched a maritime strategy for the Atlantic Ocean in November 2011. It outlined a number of areas where there is scope for EU-level action to tackle common challenges and develop the coastal economies of the Member States along the Atlantic seaboard. Our aim is to prepare an Action Plan of ideas for joint projects, to be adopted by the European Commission in March 2013.


The Commission is now organizing a number of workshops as part of an "Atlantic Forum" to develop the Action Plan by sharing ideas for public and private sector investment and research to stimulate the marine and maritime economy in the Atlantic area.


In this context, the European Commission, in cooperation with its UK and Welsh hosts, organize the Atlantic Forum’s fourth workshop, which is entitled Blue Growth: the Community Dimension.


More information: Maritime Affairs website

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