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BATTERIE - Normandy days on electro-mobility

23/24.01.2013, Rouen (France) BATTERIE project organizes an European event on electro-mobility.

What could be the electrical vehicle’s place in an urban environment? What does “electro-mobility” involve? What are the key technologies, the new uses, the new models? What role can local authorities play? What initiatives “work” on a French and European scale? What are the key factors to success and the development and innovation axes?

To answer these questions, ESIGELEC and its research institute IRSEEM organise a European event on electro-mobility on 23rd and 24th January, 2013. Held in partnership with CREA and the competitiveness clusters MOV'EO and NOV@LOG, this event is a part of the BATTERIE and ENEVATE projects.

More information: event website

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