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CLIMATLANTIC Mobility Study: Public Consultation Open

In the framework of CLIMATLANTIC project, partners are developing a mobility study open to managers of local authorities in Transport in order to get theirs visions about orientations that have to be followed in mid-term (by 2025) to put the carbon footprint of territories on a sustained declining trajectory.

The conclusions of this study, as well as those referred to the other fields of the strategy, will be presented in the final conference of the project, which will take place in Ourense (Spain), by October 2014. This conference will also be an opportunity to exchange views and positions regarding the strategy for the Atlantic Area with the main stakeholders and responsibles for it from Europe, and each of the Atlantic Area countries.

Thank you for your time in filling out the questionnaire before the 11th of July 2014 and contributing to Climatlantic. As you fill in your responses, these are automatically saved as you fill in the questionnaire.

The questionnaire can be found here:

For any queries, please contact us:

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