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Facilities to speed up R&D and Innovation - SHAREBIOTECH

12-04-2011, Cantanhede (Portugal)

The project ShareBiotech invites all biotechnology and life science stakeholders from Europe and beyond to attend their 1st transnational event to be held at Biocant, Portugal, on April 12, 2011.

The ShareBiotech Consortium gathers centres of excellence in life sciences and biotechnology from the Atlantic Area, namely Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal. The ShareBiotech initiative aims to create strong links between biotechnology stakeholders and leverage the development of the biotechnology sector within the Atlantic Area. Measures foreseen to stimulate biotechnology uptake will be to widen access to life science technological core facilities and connect people to speed up R&D and Innovation.

The event will unveil the current needs from researchers and companies as regards access to cutting-edge technologies (results of the 2010 survey), as well as the technology skills and tools accessible in the ShareBiotech regions to both private and public sector researchers.

Conferences and workshops will enlarge the vision of a prosperous life sciences and biotechnology community and contribute to answering crucial questions for the future: how to facilitate access to relevant technology core facilities? Which supports can be mobilized? Which are the initiatives in Europe?


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