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Fisheries Management in the Atlantic Arc: GEPETO project

8/9.07.2014. Vigo (Spain) This international seminar aims to present all the tools, software and novelties that GEPETO is bringing about, and to promote a reflection upon the role of Transnational European Projects, particularly when it comes to Fishing Management and its future, bearing in mind regionalisation and the New Common Fishing Policy. Everything is ready to get the new long-term management plans going for Atlantic Ara fisheries.

GEPETO (Fisheries Management and Transnational Objectives) builds on a regional approach to fisheries management through a platform of governance that associates professional, scientific sectors and NGOs. Channeled through the South Western and North Western Regional Advisory Groups, GEPETO combines stakeholders' resources and capabilities to improve the bio-socio-economical sustainability through long term fisheries management plans in the Atlantic Area.

Programme and registration: GEPETO website

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