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Parliament approved new European Commission

Strasbourg, 09-02-2010

Parliament approved new European Commission

José Manuel Barroso (Source: European Parliament)

The European Parliament elected, last week, the new European Commission by 488 votes to 137, with 72 abstentions, in Strasbourg. The vote took the form of a single ballot on the whole College of Commissioners, consisting of one Commissioner from each of the 27 EU Member States.

The new Commission will stay in office until 31 October 2014.  By way of comparison, the first Barroso Commission was voted into office in November 2004 by 449 votes to 149, with 82 abstentions.

Accountability to Parliament is "crucially important for the Commission's democratic legitimacy", stressed Commission President José Manuel Barroso. The present exceptional times, with the economic crisis, climate change and energy security issues, meant that now was "a time for boldness". We need "strong European institutions" to tackle these challenges, he argued, and it was up to the Commission and Parliament acting together "to ensure that the EU is more than the sum of its parts". 


Source: European Parliament website

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