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SHAREBIOTECH - Workshop "Microarray Applications in Biomedicine"

05.07.2012, Cantanhede (Portugal)

The project ShareBiotech would like to invite you to the Workshop on Microarray Applications in Biomedicine, which will be held on July 5th.

The objective of ShareBiotech (Priority 1.1Develop knowledge transfers between companies and research centres) is to strengthen the biotechnology sector within the Atlantic Area as well as to improve the service offer of the technological core facilities involved in the project.

The theme of this meeting was identified as one of the most prevailing needs reported by research groups and companies to the project team.

This workshop, whose panel includes speakers from clinical centers and research groups, is a unique opportunity for companies, physicians, researchers and other stakeholders with needs or intervention in the Microarrays field to meet and discuss the potentials of their applications in Biomedicine.

The invited international speakers will present the cutting edge advances on the usage of genomic approaches on key areas as Oncology, Cardiology and Cytogenetics, obtained through the extensive analysis of mRNA, miRNA, DNA and DNA methylation by Microarrays.

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