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Newsflash 8

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2014-2020 New Programme on track

Over the past few months the 2014-2020 Working Group has been busy designing the new Programme foreseen to be submitted to the EC in September and launched by the beginning of 2015.
The Group includes the 5 Member States, the Management Authority and Joint Secretariat, and is supported by consultants. The next meeting will take place on 15 May in Porto to decide on the priorities.
A wide consultation of stakeholders on the new operational programme will follow.
The 5 Programme Member States have decided that CCDR-N, the current Managing Authority (MA), will remain for the next period. Both the MA and Joint Secretariat will therefore stay in Porto (Portugal) for the next years.
Regarding the Programme geography, the eligible area of the new Programme will be extended to Madeira, Azores and the Canary Islands.


Interreg 2014-2020 A common brand for cooperation Programmes

The purpose of the initiative is to get a higher visibility of European territorial cooperation (ETC) 2014-2020 to reach new partners and to communicate achievements: one brand, one name, one logo.
Lead by INTERACT, the initiative for a harmonised branding of ETC has gathered speed since it was first discussed in October 2012 by a group of programme communication managers. The Commission now fully supports the initiative of the development of a harmonised brand for ETC with INTERREG as a brand name.
All ETC Programme have been invited by INTERACT to vote on their favourite logo.
The elected brand will be presented at the European Commission’s ETC annual event, which takes place in Brussels on 19-20 May 2014.

Call 4 Training workshop

The Joint Technical Secretariat welcome new projects for a training session, on May 22, in Porto.

Transnational Project management is a difficult task for all organisations. In order to help lead partners and partners of newly approved projects to start on the right foot, the JTS team organises this training workshop.

Sessions are in small groups or in individual meetings, aiming at introducing the main aspects of projects management and communication and the related tools.


Severe storm season in the Atlantic

The Atlantic area experienced unusually severe storm season in the past winter.
Dirk, Erich, Nadja and Christina are names well known across the Atlantic Coasts. Those are only some examples of storms that have affected in particular the regions of the Atlantic area. The repeated formation of large deep lows over the Atlantic brought large waves which caused coastal damage, and heavy rainfalls leading to floodings.
Natural phenomena ignore borders and are a common problem of all Atlantic regions.
Learn more about two projects directly working with those issues and management of natural risks.
EASYCO – infrastructure which integrates forecasts of currents, waves and meteorology across the whole Atlantic area
NETMAR – implementation, evaluation and dissemination of new robotic systems, sensors and networking technologies in maritime incidents

More news:

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Investing in our common future

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