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Atlantic Area Newsflash 7


2013: A High Performing Programme

2013 was a very fruitful year in several areas: the 2013 decommitment target was surpassed by the Programme, hence avoiding reimbursing funds to the EC; in addition the Audit Authority in its annual report has concluded to the very low error rate of 0,68% on audits. The Programme’s financial implementation rate now reaches 60.15%. With such a performance the Atlantic Area is among the top ETC programmes in the EU.

Also noteworthy: 13 project extensions approved for an amount of € 1.1m assigned to 6 projects, the organisation of a 4th call for project (see below). Currently, 71 projects with 639 partners are financed.

The 2014-2020 Programme has started with the initial definition of a strategy and priority axes for cooperation; it has also been recently decided to add the Islands of Azores, Madeira and Canarias to the current programme area.
Among several communication activities, the publication of the Compendium of Projects was a frank success, an important instrument to communicate the Programme and projects activities and results.
The contribution of all programme actors and structures was crucial to achieve these result good results revealing a sound performance of the MA, the JTS and all Programme management structures, all must therefore be congratulated!


PMC approves 8 new projects

In the final run of the 2007-2013 programme and to conclude the 4 Call for Projects, the Programme Monitoring Committee, in its 26 November Glasgow meeting, approved 8 new projects. Out of 16 Expressions of Interest invited to submit a full project, the JTS received 15 applications in this second phase of the 4th call for projects. Given the very competitive call, the high quality of projects and the limited funds available, the PMC approved the very best projects strictly meeting programme requirements and able to be implemented in the limited timeframe of 18 months, i.e. until June 2015.
All projects share a very focused approach able to yield concrete results and seeking to impact Atlantic Area Regions, while capitalising on previous cooperation; the total ERDF amount granted reaches almost €7m.
New projects cover the four Programme priorities: Innovation, Environment, Accessibility and Sustainable Urban Development, and involve 65 partners among universities, research institutes, regional and local authorities and other relevant entities. The contract process has already started
and projects have been asked to start cooperation activities as soon as possible. A Special Dossier on this subject is available online.

2014 Monitoring Committee Presidency

The “Ministerio de Hacienda y Administraciones Públicas” will assume the Presidency of the Monitoring Committee on behalf of Spain in 2014. Both Managing Authority and Joint Technical Secretariat welcome the new Presidency while they wish to thank all representatives of the “Welsh Assembly Government” for their 2013 proactive chairing of the Atlantic Area Programme on behalf of the United Kingdom. All Member States representatives must also be thanked for their fruitful contributions and excellent cooperation along 2013!


Projects presentation

AARC | protect and conserve fish species which have relevant importance on social, cultural and economic levels for rural communities of the AA. Read more »

CLIMATLANTIC | development of strategies at regional and local levels towards the reduction of the carbon footprint in the AA. Read more »
PRESPO| build up a set of scientific information to improve artisanal fisheries management
Read more »


The Managing Authority and the Joint Technical Secretariat whish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014!
More news:

Next Programme meetings 2014:
Jan 16 - 2014-2020 Working Group meeting, Madrid
Feb - Group of Auditors meeting, Porto


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The Council of the European Union formally endorsed the Cohesion Policy Regulations for 2014-2020
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