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Newsflash 10

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Learning today, improving tomorrow: towards Atlantic 2020
It is time to take stock of the Programme’s main achievements so far and to look to the future, with the challenges and the expectations of the upcoming years.
2014 was crucial for cooperation in the Atlantic Area. Member States agreed on the final Operational Programme to be submitted to the European Commission and set up 4
thematic priorities for the next years touching: Innovation & Competitiveness, Resource efficiency,Territorial risks, Biodiversity and Natural & Cultural assets, with a total budget of €185m.

The annual event held in Seville on 15 December was a success with close to 200 participants, it highlighted major cooperation achievements with flagship projects underlining results and the benefits of cooperation for all the territory but also the need to tackle new challenges within the coming Programme. The interest demonstrated by the attending organisations revealed the high expectations regarding the 2014+ period.

So far, 28 out of 71 projects closed with the delivery of significant results. The Programme far exceeded the 2014 decommitment target, hence avoiding reimbursing funds to the EC; in addition the Audit Authority in its annual report has concluded to the very low error rate of 0,23% on audits performed in 2014. The Programme’s financial implementation rate now reaches 71.8%. Those are very positive data in view of a successful Programme closure.

We take this opportunity to thank the Spanish Presidency for its very effective work in 2014 and welcome the French Presidency of the Monitoring Committee in 2015.

2015 will be very challenging with the closure of one Programme and the launch of the new one, but building on the cooperation achievements it will open a new chapter for the Atlantic Area, towards 2020.
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