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Atlantic Area Newsflash 11

Atlantic Area targets Green Growth
Innovating economy, protecting the environment
AA regions have an important and well preserved natural heritage, a base for many economic and social activities. However, several environmental threats such as climate change, rising sea levels, water eutrophication and acidification, allied to the pressures of industry, urban growth and increasing levels of tourism, stress the natural environment.
Priority 3 and 4 of the new programme will tackle these aspects. The new programme is also aligned with the initiative for a resource-efficient Europe under the EU 2020 supporting the shift towards a resource-efficient and low-carbon economy. In its priority axis 2 'fostering resource efficiency', it addresses a specific objective to foster green growth, eco-innovation and environmental efficiency, with a €18.9m allocation (10.2%).
@European Marine Energy Centre

Key factors to help economic systems towards solutions addressing climate change and resource use challenges

Two projects cofinanced under the current AA programme agreed to share with us their experience and vision to both green growth and eco-innovation: Batterie and Atlanticpowercluster. In a short article they highlight how their project contributes to reduce the impact of human activity on the environment, comment on the main challenges partners face in terms of green environment and on how cooperation helped to tackle them (read here the article).

Green Growth
Also seen as a strategy is the sustainble use of ressources to build the path to the economic growth
More green definitions...

Eco innovation
Key component of the Green Growth is the creation of new products, services and systems that reduce resource use and harmful environmental impacts as waste or pollution

Integrated environmental management
Comprehensive approach to natural resource planning and management that encompasses ecological, social, and economic objectives


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