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Programme Historical Framework

Transnational cooperation on the Atlantic Area has a historical tradition. Pioneer frameworks began in  the 1989-1993 programming period of the European structural funds, with the ATLANTIS pilot project. In Despite its limited budget, Atlantis successfully launched the very first transnational cooperation projects financed by the ERDF.

This first experiment inspired the launch of the transnational strand of the INTERREG II initiative (1994-1999). Thirteen INTERREG IIC transnational cooperation programmes were launched, including the new “Atlantic Area” programme. A great many more structured projects were to emerge in 1998 and 1999.

During the period 2000-2006, a very significant increase in the budget allocated to transnational cooperation allowed the INTERREG IIIB Atlantic Area programme to make significant progress in terms of the scope and quality of projects,  and helped develop management and cooperation skills.


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