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Lisbon Atlantic Conference and Stakeholder Day

28/29.11.2011, Lisbon (Portugal)

Pedro Passos Coelho - Portugal Prime Minister

In the context of the European Union Maritime Strategy for the Atlantic Ocean Area, and under the theme “Atlantic Maritime Business & Science for a Sustainably Developed Europe” the Lisbon Atlantic Conference aimed at generating a public discussion encompassing the Member-States Governance, Regions and the Entrepreneurs and Science clusters.

During this event, the European Commission announced the "Communication on the Maritime Strategy for the Atlantic Area ". The conference also aimed at endorsing recommendations to the European Commission regarding the future framework architecture of the “Atlantic Forum” foreseen by the strategy. This forum will play a significant role in supporting the European Commission on the preparation of the Action Plan for the strategy’s implementation.

The conference was opened by the President of the Republic of Portugal and included contributions of the Prime Minister of Portugal, the EC Commissioner Damanaki and of a Secretary of State, high level official or ambassador from France, Ireland, Spain and the United Kingdom, and the European Parliament. The President Barroso sent a very motivating video message.

It was a frank success with 1500 delegates from all Atlantic regions attending and representing the stakeholders of the Strategy. The event marked a promising launch of the Atlantic Strategy on the basis of the recently approved Communication of the European Commission, which was presented by the EC Commissioner Damanaki. All Member States backed the Atlantic Strategy and stressed the crucial role the sea plays and will play in the sustainable economic development of Atlantic countries and Europe.

The Atlantic Area Programme through its PMC president outlined the important role the programme could play in the strategy by bringing its capital of experience and expertise and its many high quality project partnerships already working in the priority fields of the strategy. Undoubtedly the strategy will be high on the agenda of the Atlantic Area Programme and the actors and stakeholders should also be involved in defining the role they want to play in the strategy and how this should influence the future 2014-2020 programme.

All the information regarding the event is available on the Lisbon Atlantic Conference and Stakeholder Day website


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